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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Custom Maintenance
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Experience Pays! Home Interior Cleaning Services, the cleaning arm of Home Interiors Flooring and Design Center, has the knowledge and experience of over 20 years of serving the Houston and katy areas’ carpet cleaning needs. Let AC Carpet Cleaning Services be your contact for commercial carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Services in West Houston and the Katy Area

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We are the premier cleaners of fine homes in the West Houston and Katy area.
We have 20 years experience on the field. We have truck mounted units.

Christian owned and operated with references. Decades of honest and dependable service. Carpet cleaners of residential and commercial locations, water extraction and deodorization.

Protecting Your Investment

Carpet is a tremendous value, but it is still one of largest purchases you will make for your home or business. How can you best protect this investment?

The durability and soil hiding characteristics of today’s carpet can disguise the need for maintenance. Proper maintenance of carpet can enhance the beauty and extend the useful life of carpet and protect your investment. Clean carpet contributes not only to the overall aesthetics of a home or business, but it plays a significant role in the healthful state of the indoor environment in which people work, live and spend a majority of their time.

The Institute of inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the certification body for the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration industry, offers the following steps for proper carpet maintenance:

Controlling Soil – Most abrasive particulate soil accumulates initially within the first few feet of major entries to homes and commercial buildings. Once inside, this soil takes its toll on carpet fibers and on the general appearance of the structure.

Entry mats that collect or absorb soil and moisture should be placed adjacent to carpeted areas in entries of homes and businesses and if possible, not on the top of the carpet. They must be maintained by periodic vacuuming, shaking, and cleaning.

Vacuuming Carpet – Routine vacuuming with properly maintained, quality equipment is the single most important step a home or business owner/manager can take to extend the life and appearance of carpet.

Immediate Spotting – Most spots can be removed easily if the excess is lifted or blotted and the area is treated immediately by carpet owners with plain water or with spotters containing mild(pH range of 5-9), dilute cleaners that do not leave residue. If ignored, those spots may bond with fiber dye sites, forming permanent stains.

Cleaning – Installed residential carpet exposed to routine use should be programmed for cleaning at least annually. Carpet that is subject to extreme soiling or heavy use, particularly high traffic areas, or carpet installed in homes occupied by persons with allergy or respiratory problems requires greater cleaning efficiency. Carpet in low traffic areas, such as formal living and dining rooms, need less frequent cleaning. Commercial cleaning recommendations should be based on individual needs.

One of the most critical, though often neglected, responsibilities of carpet owners involves routine maintenance. The useful life and appearance of carpet are affected substantially by the type, quality, and frequency of maintenance procedures. Carpet that is properly cared for will provide many years of beauty and service. Following the IICRC recommended four steps of carpet maintenance will protect your carpet investment.

Making An Appointment

To set up an appointment or estimate with one of our technicians simply call (832) 419-5473.

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Please remove any knick-knacks and breakable items from any furniture you would like moved and cleaned under. Also, remove any furniture that may require special care(i.e., weak legs, fragile). Heavily loaded pieces such as china cabinets, bookshelves, and home entertainment systems cannot be moved unless they are completely empty. However, we do have special edging tools that allow us to clean right up next to the item without you removing the contents. Normally, we do not move heavy appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. However, once again we can edge right up to them and if you remove the front "kick plate" we will be happy to clean some distance under them. For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please keep them in a safe place where our cleaning will not disturb them. If possible, please have an electrical outlet available for us to use.

Special "After Care" Information

For your children’s and pet’s safety, please do not let them crawl or lay on the carpet until it is completely dry.

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